Wednesday, March 15, 2017

The United States Border Wall

We don't need to build a border wall in the United States. We already have one. 

Thousands of miles long, we have an invisible wall dividing this country along red and blue lines. Our border wall is constructed with an unusual material: it is almost impenetrable on one side and quite permeable on the other.

The permeable side allows people and information to pass through. Residents on this side of the border have contact with people with diverse backgrounds and perspectives. The danger, of course, is that exposure to new ideas can cause one's own ideas to evolve. This evolution has the potential to be disruptive.

The other side has been carefully constructed to protect residents and prevent such exposure. It limits contact between residents and people not like themselves and restricts access to new ideas. Leaders on this side of the border fear that access to potentially conflicting information may lead to cracks in the wall and those cracks could ultimately shatter the bubble that keeps their residents safe from change. For this reason, they work around the clock to keep out real news, science, and especially people that could change perceptions and alter preconceived notions. 

Of course, no border wall is perfect. Despite their efforts, #factsmatter. As it did in Berlin, the wall will fall.

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