Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Helmet Haiku

if you think it's cool
to ride without a helmet
you're really a fool

Sunday, May 5, 2013

A Tale of Two High Schools, Part IV: The Honor Roll

What does it mean to make the honor roll?  Until the most recent reporting period, I thought that honor roll students earned all As and Bs - and that they earned more As than Bs.

In my last TOTHS report, I wrote about accountability. It's important to strike a balance between flexibility and accountability.  Sometimes circumstances dictate that students should have additional time for certain assignments.  However, if there are never any consequences for failing to turn in work by an agreed upon deadline, students will never learn accountability.

I was thrilled to see that my mentee pulled through by the end of the quarter and managed to finish with Cs after flirting with Fs for much of the marking period.  That's great progress.  But it's not an honor roll performance. Frankly, the honor is, "Congratulations.  You're on track to graduate on time."

With all the talk about raising the bar for all students, I am disappointed to learn that the bar isn't higher for the honor roll.  I'll never view those bumper stickers that brag "I have an honor roll student at the high school" the same way again.